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About us

EST. 2009

All Dogs Day was brought to life in 2009. Josh (owner) was bored with the daily grind and decide it was time for a change. It didn’t take long for him to realize what direction he wanted to head in. His love for animals stems from his tight knit pet friendly family! Working with animals was something he has done his whole life. While also volunteering at local shelters, he has taken full advantage of learning as much as possible about their needs.

We Love our own pets & we promise to extend that love to yours!


Local Family Oriented Business

Our business model has thrived on old school mentality. Upfront, courteous, and responsible. In the last 1o years business practices have changed with the advancement of technology. Sometimes these advancement can feel impersonable and cold.  While we are constantly learning better ways to  serve our customers needs, we still forge ahead with the same old school principles that got us here!
Frequently Asked Questions
What areas do u service?
Point Pleasant, Point Beach, Brick, Bay Head, Brielle, Manasquan
What services do u provide?
We can provide services for most house pets.  Primarily we care for dogs & cats.  We provide dog walking, pet sitting, pet transportation, vet visits and any reasonable pet related request.
How many dog walkers/pet sitters will my pet have?
All owners & pets will be introduce to 2 caretakers. Having two caretakers will better prepare us to serve your loved one’s needs!


Do you charge per dog?
All our prices include at least 2 dogs per household. If dogs are not being taking off property we will asses if any extra charge is needed during our initial meet and greet. Every dog being leashed for walks beyond the initial 2 is charged @ $5 per. 
Do you Group walk?
Our business is mostly done by doing one household at a time. This way your pup(s) will get all the attention! We only do small group walks at the customer requests. Group walking dogs who are neighbors will be provided a discount rates.  
Do you charge for cancels?
We understand that your schedule can change last min.  We don’t charge for cancels for daily service . Cancels can be initiated with a simple text or call, no excuses are needed. Also, this will not harm our relationship going forward.  Life happens and we get it!

 Holiday cancels which fall out of the agreed upon time frame  are charged at 30% of service fee

Are You insured?
We our fully insured and all our walkers are insured and bonded.
What payments do accept?
We accept checks, cash, paypal, venmo, zelle
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M-F: 630am – 10pm
S-S: 7am – 10pm

Locations we serve

Point Pleasant, Point Beach, Brick, Bay Head, Manasquan, Brielle